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Treasure Hunt Contest!!!

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Treasure Hunt Contest!!!

Post by webkinzrocks on 28/1/2009, 10:57

We are going to have a treasure hunt on WHQ! We will leave clues around in different sections and the last clue will lead to the treasure! Whoever gets to the treasure first, post on the treasure thread and say, "I found it!" Whoever is the winner, gets their choice of three transportation items, three books or three movie making items! The transportation items are. . .a scooter .......a fan boat . . .and a skateboard! (could not get a picture of skateboard) If you choose movie making items, then you can get characters or sets of your choice. If you choose book items, then you get your choice of three webkinz books!

Let's start the treasure hunt, here is your first clue:

The next clue will be in the section on Mt. Everest!

Hint: Mt. Everest is up high!


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