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Roleplaying Rules

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Roleplaying Rules Empty Roleplaying Rules

Post by Emma8432 on 24/1/2009, 20:05

When you roleplay, you have to follow the rules. If you do not, you will not be able to view the roleplay section anymore. There are not that many rule anyway so I know you will be able to follow them. I really would not like to bann you from the roleplay section, please follow the rules (which are listed below).

  • If you want to talk about something besides the roleplay you are on, make (( or ( around the post.
  • Do not make a roleplay without me giving you permission to make it
  • Do not curse in your roleplays
  • Do not post more than 500 pages on your roleplays, if you reach 500 pages tell me and I will handle it Very Happy

If you do get your roleplaying section removed, and then start behaving good, I will give you your abbility to use the roleplaying section back again.


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