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Post by Emma8432 on 22/12/2008, 18:25

Our forum rules are almost the same rules you would find in any other forum, and in any other forum, you know that you have to try to always follow our rules. We don't have many rules so it won't be very hard for you to follow every one of them. If you do not follow them, you will have to face our consequences.


  • Do not curse or sware in any part of our forum. If you do, the word you typed will be replace with *s.
  • Try not to use slangish words like 'r u a sk8ter?' but you are allowed to post things like 'r u going on webkinz soon?'.

  • Do not criticize our forum's name, rules, or members.

  • Remember, when you registered, you promised to follow a lot of the rules I will be listing.

  • Please do not post in blue or red. If you do, you will get an immediate warning.

  • Do not post posts full of nonscence. (eg: " Lalalalala... I'm a dumby!")


  1. 1rst warning.
  2. 2nd warning.
  3. 3rd warning.
  4. 1 day bannage.
  5. 3 day bannage.
  6. 5 day bannage.
  7. 10 day bannage.

If you receive a 10 day bann, and then come back again, your account will immeadietly be deleted. I would not like to do that to our members at all. Please do not be that 'bad'. I would muchly appreciate it if you try as hard as you can to bhave your self on this forum.

You are assumed to respect all of our members, but respect our Mods and Admins the most. All of our Mods and Admins work very heard to please you. Everyday we go on and try to make this forum a very peaceful and safe forum. We really hope you try to.
Here is the list of Mods and Admins so far:



Thank you.

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