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Party Rules

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Party Rules Empty Party Rules

Post by webkinzrocks on 9/12/2008, 20:54

Do you want to host a party on webkinz world? Go ahead! Enjoy this new topic and make a thread saying you are hosting a party! All of the parties you host must require the information below:

Your WW username:
Time(kinztime makes it easier because of the timezones!):
What color zone you will be in:

And remember to have your guests tell their usernames to you! So you can invite them! If you have any questions about this new topic then PM webkinzrocks(moderator) or Emma8432(admin)


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If you have any questions PM me or Emma8432
Also, please visit my awesome webkinz forum! We would love to have you join!

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Party Rules Empty Re: Party Rules

Post by Emma8432 on 18/1/2009, 15:18

Cool, webkinzrocks.
I will host a party soon, I will be sure to 'invite' you:)

Party Rules Firest10im7
Welcome to WHQ!

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