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Post by webkinzrocks on 29/3/2009, 11:32

WHQ Summer Contest

For this contest you must create a room on webkinz using bright summer colors! Enter this contest for a chance to win a Haunted Painting!
SUMMER CONTEST! *Great Prize* Previe11
SUMMER CONTEST! *Great Prize* Previe10

* Use bright colored decorations or paint.

* Small or Medium rooms only.

Entry Form (* is required):

*WHQ username:

*Webkinz username:

*Your colorful room:

[OPTIONAL] E-mail address:


1. Create your colorful medium or small webkinz room.

2. Press Print Screen on your keyboard. (it may say Prnt Scrn or something similar)

3. Go to Paint. (start, all programs, accessories, then paint)

4. Click Edit, then Paste (or press Ctrl V)

5. Then you can down size the picture so it just shows your room. Then save your photo.

6. Go on WHQ and PM webkinzrocks your entry form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get my picture on the PM?

A: Press the button (that has the picture with the blue floppy disk overlapping it) then press browse
and find your photo, then copy the third URL, then click the button with the little tree on it and paste the URL in that box then press ok.

Q: I need help getting my webkinz room onto a file!

A: PM webkinzrocks

Q: I have a question that wasn't listed above!

A: PM webkinzrocks


March 29 - August 2


You could always dress your pet in spring colors and place him/her in the room!


You can post back with comments though!

Did I miss anything? Any type-o's? Please PM me, so I can fix them!

Thank you for entering! Only enter once please!


A proud moderator at WHQ!
If you have any questions PM me or Emma8432
Also, please visit my awesome webkinz forum! We would love to have you join!

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